Welcome to the Official Dead Days Wiki! A roleplay community created by Timothy_Harsden's roleplay game, a roleplay series based on the Left 4 Dead game created in 2009. Urprising the dead, read below for more information and we will often to keep you updated on new chapters and events happening. It also advices that this roleplay community can also access a group of survivor cults. May lead it to applications. And then steady your own lore and prep it.


Dead Days lore

After the Infected Bomb caused an massive apocalypse to broke out which took place in North of Debenmore, 2004. Millions of people died from infection or were devoured by a group of Zombies, Survivors tend to kill themselves over the lost of their families, siblings and loved ones. And some whole lot of survivors found weapons until they made a cult. Children were also infected and most lot of them evacuated to another City, parents died due to infection and weren't evacuated on time just before the children. All survivors created their own cult and stayed together to survive their own life in an apocalypse, During this time, the North of Debenmore Military was created and their role was to keep the infected away from the safezone area - It also considers teenagers were also one of the survivors who decided to join some cults. Followed by the main faction The Corpse lead by Junior Overbeck.